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Raccoon rabies in Québec

After the first case of raccoon rabies was discovered in 2006 in Montérégie in southern Québec, the provincial government put a raccoon rabies prevention plan in place. As a result, raccoon rabies was eradicated in Québec in four years. However, cases of the disease continue to be detected every year in the United States, right across the border. This is why we still need to have a plan in place to prevent this public health threat from returning to Québec. The current plan includes both surveillance and control operations.

The plan to fight raccoon rabies targets raccoons, skunks and red foxes.


The enhanced surveillance area in 2019

In 2019, the enhanced surveillance area comprises 143 municipalities and Aboriginal and unorganized territories, 107 in the Montérégie region and 36 in the Estrie region.

Control operations 2019

Vaccination operations, summer 2019


Post-vaccination study

The study usually carried out in mid-October following operations to vaccinate wild animals against raccoon rabies was not realized in 2018 and will not take place in 2019.

Collecting blood samples from racoons captured in the vaccination area is unnecessary this year, since studies from previous years have shown the vaccination operations are effective at immunizing sufficient numbers of raccoons to prevent the reintroduction of rabies to Québec. Measures taken by our southern neighbours have also proven effective. Rabies cases in the United States are on the decline and are moving away from the border.

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